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A unique way to explore, express and build belonging in your space

Valentina is a professional mural artist/designer living in Sydney. with 5 years of experience as an artist/ Illustrator. Valentina has worked with companies such as (Foresense Technology,   Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney,   The great Barrier Reef Foundation with the creation from mural painting,  graphic design and illustration.

Valentina has a realistic style that brings a space alive with vibrancy and full of colours. She also can be very versatile with the ability to bring a vibrant light to a portrait,   logo or pre-existing image.

What We Offer

Small To Large Scale Murals

Muralss For Restaurants & Cafes

Custom Canvas

Murals For Commercial Spaces

Each place tells a story

Art is a unique way to explore, express and build belonging, meaning and connection in shared public or private spaces. Vilarte can take your place to the next level from initial research, brainstorming, through to project brief development, artist engagement and detailed design development.

Take you away from routine

Creative and colourful places help us to stimulate our imagination to think in new and innovative ways. While it may seem elusive, creativity can be strategically nurtured, curated and embedded. Vilarte can provide vibrant experiences that take you away from the routine.

Positive Impact

Our job is not only transforming walls into creative spaces but also has a positive impact on our surroundings. We support a range of foundations and charities for important causes such as environmental purpose and animal wellbeing. You can view the organisations we support on our home page

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